About Us

When you think about music, think about TerryGuitars.com. We are one of the reputed online Guitar and accessories selling stores offering our services to music lovers. Our endeavor is to provide a total solution for music lovers, who look for quality and branded music instruments and its various accessories.  Every music enthusiast can confidently shop their music instruments and accessories from our store for an affordable price and with warranty as offered by the manufacturers.

What make us different from other online stores?

We have a team of dedicated experts who are ready to help our customers when they do the shopping and help them to finalize the deal by looking to their concerns and solving their issues. Our online store is featuring with easy to manage interface that will contribute to select your favorite product quickly. You can find many products such as music instruments, music accessories, and free guitar games for kids, easy to use guitars for the beginners, and a music sheet or guitar guide for amateurs and professionals.

Find Guitars and Accessories at an affordable Cost

We keep a variety of guitar, strings, guitar accessories, guidebooks, self-learning guides, etc., on our online store. In addition to the above, you can find mike, amplifiers, straps, and much more.  Once you confirm your orders, we will process your order within two days time and goods will be couriered to your destination free of shipping charges. You can track the cargo movement and make sure that the consignment is moving to the destination on time.  Also, you can contact our back office service, which will assist you to get the right information regarding the delivery schedule.

In the rapidly changing market scenario, we have expanded our scope services and products services reachable all over the world.  Our inventory is plentiful with lots of international brand guitar and other music systems.  We put every effort to offer top of the range music systems procured across the globe including, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, India, Hong Kong, China and many countries.

Frequent updates:

Our online store shall frequently be updating with new product releases, product information, technological information, etc.  Our site also carries news section, where you can have the latest market updates and product release information.

Quality after sales service:

All the goods sold through our stores carry a warranty as per the manufacturers terms and conditions. We replace or repair defective products as per warranty terms for the complete customer satisfaction.  The service section is under the supervision of professional management to take care of your product complaints and repair services.

We have a 24×7 dedicated customer care service, and you will get product assistance for buying a new music instrument or getting your product repaired if any repair services are required.

Please visit our website for more product information and service activities.