How Giving Free Merchandise To Die-Hard Fans Can Boost Your Ticket Sales?

Promotional products always play a significant role in keeping the momentum and active presence of the business in the market.  It does not matter what exact type of promotional goods and advertising campaigns run by the establishment can reap the success.  By doing business promotion, the company conveys a message to the audience.  The right media used for communicating the message will have more drive and as a result, you can increase your product/brand awareness.

No limit for business promotion:

The promotion could be anything, it could be a media advertisement, sponsored programs, distributing free merchandise, free promotional giveaways, etc., and there is no limit for business promotion.  Because the scope for business development is unlimited and the marketing expenses have a direct relation to nature of the advertising.  The cost of merchandise and other incidental expenses plays a significant role in assessing the cost of promotional budget.


Fans are critical, so boost their morale:

Having a huge fan base is imperative especially if you are into media industry and running a musical troop.  The success of your troop has discreet relation to your fan base.  It means wherever you are staging a music show; your fans will follow your concert.  They will do all kind of social media promotions, which will have a viral effect and reach to millions of people without any extra effort by the original band promoter.  A music troop can enjoy that strength if they have such a huge fan base. So think about how you can boost the morale of your fans, by offering some corporate promotion items that touch their hearts.

Become a successful entrepreneur:

The success of a business is relative.  My view of success will be different from you.  Maybe I am financially not a successful entrepreneur but I might have achieved my social objectives and would have accomplished my social mission.  However, it is equally imperative to become financially successful and become a successful businessperson.  When you are running a music concert band, your fans can certainly do wonders for you.  Their die heart attitude will morally boost your confidence, and that will radiate to other artists to perform to their peak capacity. To make your fans engaged, try using printed promotional products, and offer to them promotional goods free of cost or at an attractive price.

Keep your fans close to the business:

Different business required unique promotional tactics depending on the nature of business. Any online business needs a high volume of search engine traffic.  If you can create more traffic to your site, the chances of business conversion will be more. Similarly, each business needs to have the support of business promotional ideas that work positively to increase the product awareness and client base.  Similarly, in cultural and music shows, the mass support is a paramount factor to make it a successful show. Promotional business gifts play a significant role in seducing and maintaining the fans always attached to the show and band.

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Fans do an excellent job:

Now we are facing the real question, how true is that if giving away merchandise to diehard fans boost the ticket sales of your concert. I must say, fans play a major role to create the momentum, a positive moment in the society, and that will result in a large section of the society get attracted to the music concert. When peopled get seduced to a large scale, and if there are cheap promotional products to entice them, naturally your ticket sales cross the marks. Here actually the promoter’s role is very less. They are only providing a platform for the performance. The crowds get seduced to the show only because of the print/visual media debates, and social media support done by the diehard fans.  So what is the harm in giving free promotional merchandise to the diehard fans if you can make massive sales beyond your expectations?

Without a huge fan base, no public functions can make it a successful event. There should be substantial participation from the public, which will make sure that the event will be a strong one crossing box office expectations. When media cover the show and report that the concert had a large attendance of audience, that news work as an indirect advertisement. All this is happening because of the huge fans present in the show.  Therefore, to make them stay connected with the troop, there is no harm in spending branded giveaways to die-hard fans. That can certainly boost the ticket sales.